Why Tennessee?

“The area is beautiful with winding roads and rolling hills. The surrounding community and the friendly people made us feel like we were already neighbors. We are convinced anyone who comes here will be very impressed and will leave owning a piece of paradise just like us.” - The Kensingtons

Why Choose Tennessee?

Tennessee, often referred to as “the world’s most amazing stage,” has something for everyone! Whatever your interest, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted in a destination right here amid rolling hills, mountain streams, river cities and world renowned attractions. Experience four seasons with mild winters and cool summers. Protect your family amidst low crime rates, wide open roads void of conjestion and clean air. Save for your future with a low cost of living. Go hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, golfing, or horseback riding – all in your back yard! Rand McNally, ACCRA and USA Today rate the area as one of the best places to live and retire in America, and it’s easy to see why!

Tennessee is within a day’s drive of 75 percent of the U.S. population via quality interstates and highways and covers 42,146 square miles, making it the 36th largest of the 50 states and is bordered by Kentucky and Virginia on the north and by North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, on the south, North Carolina on the east and Missouri and Arkansas on the west.

The Great Outdoors
In a state famous for its beautiful scenery, the state park system preserves some of Tennessee’s finest: misty mountains and deep, lush forests… Majestic waterfalls plunging into ancient river gorges…hiking trails and bridle paths leading through unspoiled wilderness and wildlife refuges that are home to an astonishing variety of plant and animal life. You’ll find more than 50 state parks in Tennessee, each with it’s special charm and appeal. As engaging are over 200 waterfalls and 3,800 documented caves in Tennessee. Ruby Falls, in the Chattanooga area, contains the nation’s tallest underground waterfall, located at 1,120 feet below Lookout Mountains surface and falling 145 feet while Fall Creek Falls State Park boasts the largest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

Cost of Living & No State Income tax!
Tennessee has no state income tax, very low real estate taxes, low utility bills and low construction costs. Insurance rates are also below the national average. There are no personal property taxes and county property taxes are approximately $550 per $100,000 of value. According to a recent survey by the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association, the cost of living in Tennessee is 17% less than the national average.

Central Tennessee’s weather is just about perfect. At Saddlebrook River Estates you can enjoy the changing of all four seasons while escaping the frigid winter temperatures of the north and the hot, humid summers of the south. Our elevation provides a haven from high heat and humidity. July’s average high temperature is 86 degrees. January’s average high temperature is 56 degrees, with lows averaging 38 degrees. Prevailing winds are out of the south, southwest. We average less than a foot of snowfall per year, just enough for a cozy evening in front of the fireplace.

Living in Saddlebrook River Estates is like living in a private park in the mountains where nature is your neighbor. Greenbelts and nature preserves were the first considerations in the community’s layout. The community has several private parks for use exclusively by property owners and their guests. Fishing, hiking and bicycling are just a few of the things you can do in Saddlebrook River Estates. Outside the entrance of Saddlebrook River Estates your days can be filled with fun places to go and exciting things to do.

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